Wine Tasting July 25

Douglass Hill Moscato

This sweet wine is filled with aromas of honey and orange blossom. Enjoy the floral accent of this fruity, incredibly refreshing wine—perfect for a warm spring day.

Chateau Grande Cassagne 

On the western edge of the Rhone Valley near the village of St-Giles is the small estate of grande Cassagne.  This rose is made by the fifth generation of the DARDE family.  It exhibits beautiful freshness and can be enjoyed with all foods.

Belle Provencale

This full-bodied and fruity wine comes from vines grown high on the slopes of the Mont-Ventoux, one of the best vineyards in the Rhone Valley.  It has been meticulously selected by the Perrin family who is known for producing some of the very best wines of the Rhone valley.  The wine is full of fruit and spice aromas, it has soft tannins and good body.  This delicious wine goes perfectly with meat dishes, barbecues, poultry, pastas and pizzas.