Thirsty Thursday 4-6 with Zack from Blind Squirrel Brewery

Amber Ale

There is a broad spectrum of Amber Ales in the country.  Some in this style have a very malt forward presence with restrained hop bitterness, while brewers on the west coast have popularized bigger hoppier versions of the style.  We prefer to take things alittle easier in the high country so we brew our Amber Ale to be an easy drinking well balanced beer that starts with a soft hop nose and finishes with a nice malty sweetness.  With the highways being as curvy as they are in the mountains, sometimes it’s better to be in the middle of the road.

American Pale Ale

A building is only as good as it’s foundation.  That’s why we consider Pale Ale to be our bedrock. We wanted to create a well balanced beer that anybody can enjoy.  Our Plae Ale is a full-bodied ale that’s deep copper in color.  The malty sweetness of the mash is offset by a generous amount of Magnum bittering hops.  The remainder of the late addition hops contribute a delightful citrus/floral note that will lighten anybody’s spirits.  It’s a great introduction for people who are interested in trying something other than the “standard” beers in the marketplace.

Belgian Tripel

If you like big complex beers, look no further. Our Tripel is brewed using a simple malt bill and only a few hop additions. While the malt and hops do contribute to the final product it’s really the yeast that’s on display here. We’ve had guests tell us they taste hints of raisins, plums, apricots, tangerines, and some spicy notes they can’t quite explain. Neither can we, because we don’t add anything other than the basic four ingredients (water, barley, hops and yeast). However, due to the strain of yeast and the fermentation process, it produces all these wonderful flavors. Be careful, many have been lured in by her delicate lacing, sweet aromas and intricate flavors only to realize she’s a big 9% beer that will sneak up on you if you over indulge. Don’t worry, that’s what our lodging is for. Enjoy!