Friday Night Wine Tasting May 8


Heinz Eifel Shine Riesling 

Heinz Eifel “Shine” Riesling is made from grapes harvested on the sloping hillsides of Germany’s prime wine growing regions.  The winding rivers running alongside these vineyards reflect sunlight, which help to ripen the Riesling throughout the long cool growing season.  Shine Riesling is slightly sweet, with bright, crisp flavors of green apple pear and peach.  It is best served chilled, and can be enjoyed before a meal or with spicier Asian Cuisine.

Simple Life Pinot Noir 

Our 2013 Simple Life Pinot Noir has a remarkably fruity nose of ripe cherry and strawberry that leaps from the glass, supported by rose petal, English thyme and Tahitian vanilla aromas. Sweetened dried cranberry and plum flavors add tartness to this wine, while clove and sandalwood notes add richness. The balanced acidity of this medium-bodied Pinot Noir makes it an exceptional food pairing wine. Enjoy a glass paired with broiled salmon, grilled pork tenderloin or sweet potato ravioli. Vintners and growers around the state of California are heralding the excellent quality of the 2013 vintage, nearly identical to the previous year’s growing season. Many experienced healthy winter rains, limited amount of night frosts in the spring and few significant heat spikes in the summer — truly ideal conditions leading up to harvest. The long and sunny summer rewarded growers with extended hang time needed for flawless grape maturity. Winemakers across the board noted that fruit showed great balance and acidity, improved color intensity, good tannin structure and most importantly, rich and complex flavor profiles.