Wine tasting Friday May 29, 4-7

In 1792, near the Estrella River, members of the Mission San Miguel cultivated one of California’s first vineyards. Two hundred years later, Estrella River Winery has reawakened interest in the historically significant vineyards of the Central Coast region. Climate-moderated by ocean breezes, rich soil and winter freezes combine to nurture the premium varietal grapes used in Estrella River’s exceptional wines. Estrella Winery Roots: From 1973 to 1977, Gary Eberle and Cliff Giacobine planted 700 acres, including the first modern commercial acreage of Syrah in the state, and established Estrella River Winery, the largest winery in the area; subsequently purchased in 1988 by Nestle/Beringer and later purchased by Bronco Wine Company, Ceres, CA in the early 1990’s.
Estrella means “STAR” in the Spanish language, and that is what we have in the bottle—a winner. Proprietor’s Reserve is a term that our winemaker uses for the Estrella brand which consists of the traditional varietals, such as, P.R. Chardonnay, P.R. Merlot, P.R. Cabernet Sauvignon, P.R. Zinfandel, P.R. Sauvignon Blanc, P.R. White Zinfandel. Also available are the generic blends—P.R. Red and P.R. White. These wines are affordable to consume every day, available in both 750ml and 1.5L sizes.
Estrella River Winery’s viticultural and winemaking techniques have become models for others to emulate, enhancing the winery’s reputation for consistent excellence in affordably priced California premium wines. Today, we source California-grown grapes from Sacramento County to Kern County, using state of the art wine harvesting and winemaking techniques to keep our wines consistent year after year and value priced for everyday consumption.  All Estrella wines are California appellation, cellared and bottled in Sonoma, CA and marketed nationally by Bronco Wine Company National Sales and Marketing Division, based in Napa, CA.

Estrella White Zinfandel

This beautifully colored and well balanced White Zinfandel has intense aromas and flavors of strawberry and melon with layers of honeysuckle, peach, and apricot in the background.” SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRINGS: “This is a good wine to enjoy with a variety of appetizers, salads, and spicy Indian cuisine. Best served chilled.

Estrella Pinot Grigio 

Estrella River Pinot Grigio is ripe with green apple and citrus flavors, with just a touch of honey. With its crisp smooth finish, this wine is perfect for any occasion. Best served chilled.” SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRINGS: “Pinot Grigio pairs well with any type of fish, as well as pasta dishes with a light sauce.

Estrella Shiraz 

Rich plum and blackberry accompanied by pepper and hints of vanilla. Smooth finish and light tannins SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRINGS: “This wine pairs well with pork dishes with mushroom glaze.”