Blind Wine tasting Friday June12

We continue our “Birthday Month” activities featuring a blind wine tasting.  We have chosen 4 wines, all white, for your tasting pleasure.  Stop by and see if you can identify the wines.  Will be lots of fun.

Blind Wine tasting June 12, 2015

Dr. Wagner Ockfen Bockstein Riesling Kabinett 

The Dr. Wagner Riesling is a ‘Kabinett’ level wine, meaning that the grapes are picked at the lowest level of ripeness on the German scale.  This typically translates to a finished wine that has a lighter body, less residual sugar, lower alcohol and high acidity.  These attributes are what make Kabinett Riesling so great to pair with food especially seafood and shellfish.  Appearance: Very pale yellow Nose: Flinty nose reveals subtle citrus; predominantly lemon along with wet rock. On the palate: light bodies the crisp acidity keeps the off-dry to medium level of sweetness in good balance.  Notes of lemon peel and grapefruity are complemented by a nice mineral component.

Jus’ Soli Sauvignon Blanc

These organically grown grapes are hand-harvested in the early morning fog at the San Mateo Ranch in the Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley. The cooler climate there allows them to reach full maturity and flavor intensity. Grapefruit and orange blossom aromas are readily apparent, while citrus and melon flavors dance on the palate with a distinctive mineral character.

Swallow Gewurztraminer 

The Germans call it spicy, we say wow! A glass filled with pungent aromas of citrus blossom, mangoes, pineapples and Asian spices also delivers a big dollop of fruit flavors. Perhaps a bit more intense than our goal of providing delicate, subtle flavors, what the heck, it’s Gewürztraminer and we can’t help it if it’s a little over the top in intensity. Finished in an off-dry style that seems neither dry nor sweet. Enjoyable as a simple sipper, it can also stand up to full flavored and spicy fare.

Lost Angel Moscato  

Bursting with floral aromas of jasmine and rose accompanied by rich flavors of fresh orange peel, citrus and honey.