Friday Evening Wine Tasting July 17, 4-7

Join us Friday July 17, 4-7 for our Friday Evening Wine Tasting.  We have selected and Chardonnay, Red Blend and Merlot.

Cornale’ Chardonnay 

Bright straw yellow colored wine with hints of fresh fruits and flowers. Chardonnay Vivace is a crisp wine with a pleasant bitter note, drinkable on any occasion. Perfect choice as appetizer. Suited to light starters, fish dishes and white meat. To be served between 8° and 10° C .

The Magnificent Wine Company House Wine 

45% Caberet Sauvignon, 37 % Merlot, 15% Syrah 3% Cabernet Franc

The Magnificent Wine Company has been bringing amazing wines to people’s home since 2004.  The wines continue to over deliver on quality and taste and are highly regarded by consumers and trade alike.  Each vintage, we select the finest grapes from high quality vineyards throughout the Columbia Valley to produce Washington red and white wines that deliver robust and complex flavors.  The results sets the standard for the quality and complexity that the average consumer should come to expect from his or her everyday house wine.

The Magnificent Wine Company Merlot

This popular, early-budding red wine grape, which also happens to be a close cousin to Cabernet Sauvignon. Used for both blending and as a varietal, this grape originates from France’s Bordeaux region, and is a primary grape in Bordeaux wine.  Two thirds of the world’s total planted Merlot grapes are grown in France. After that, it is Italy’s 5th most planted grape. Merlot surged to popularity in the United States in the 1990s.  Contrary to its Vitis Vinifera sibling, Pinot Noir, Merlot grows in loose bunches of berries. It’s a fragile grape, and its early ripening qualities make it vulnerable to risks such as frost and rotting. That being said, Merlot wines tend to be incredibly soft, fruity, and smooth in texture. This softness, along with its medium body, is the very element it adds to traditional Bordeaux wines. Merlot comprises of high sugar content and low acidity, which allows it to be paired with a large buffet of food options. The grape is best grown in a dry, warm climate. Its flavors fluctuate within the sweetness spectrum — while cooler climates bring out hints of berries, plum, and even tobacco, Merlot grown in a hot climate will taste similar to fruitcake or chocolate. Regardless of all these factors, you will know when a Merlot wine is at its best. Mature. Dry. Soft and silky, but rich in flavor. And always, smooth.