Friday Evening wine tasting 4-7

Join us August 28, 4-7 for our Friday Evening Wine Tasting.  This week we are featuring a Pinot Grigio from California and a red blend from France.

99 Vines Pinot Grigio 

This clean, crisp Pinot Grigio is ideal before meals and with your favorite lighter foods.

Hob nob wicked red 

The wine is a gorgeous dark ruby red.  The bouquet is dark stone fruit, mostly black cherry, a little plum and some sharp oak.  It tastes of herbs, (thyme) and dark fruit (tart cherry) and has a hint of earth in there for good measure.  The warm finish is smooth, with mild tannins.  This is a red makes you feel like drinking a big red wine, but one that will warm you up, not dry you out.