Tasting with Jenni 17th St. Distributors

Join us Friday November 6 with Jenni from 17th St. Distributors for some great wines!

Lone Birch Riesling

This wine is fruit-focused aromatic and has crisp acidity.  This style is best achieved in a stainless steel tank to preserve fruitiness.  Whole clusters of grapes are pressed.  The juice is pumped to tank where it is settled for 8 hours before raking to a new tank to start fermentation.  Fermentation is started in tank and is kept at 60 degrees.  The wine is fermented to the desired dryness and then the temperature is dropped to 40 degrees.  After racking off the yeast the wine is heat and cold stabilized.  It’s filtered and bottled under screw caps at the end of May.

 Blazon Pinot Noir 

A passionate expression of a great Lodi Pinot Noir, this wine creates a lasting impression with substantial flavor and aromas, yet has a delicate palate.  Perfectly balanced, medium bodied flavors of black cherry and currant acceted with a hint of spiciness.  Deliciously smooth, rich and velvety for a sensational finish. This wine is wonderful stratigh out of the bottle, but has the complexity to improve over several years.

Delta Landing Zinfandel 

Explanation about the name “Delta Landing”: An extensive system of estuaries where water flows throughout the coast range connecting a series of waterways and wetlands. This isolated and exotic confluence of rivers promotes one of the most unique and fertile agricultural areas in the world. Warm breezy summers coupled with sharp foggy winters creates enticing varietals that will enchant your palate. Opulent and bold, the Lodi Zinfandel is alluring and powerful yet perfectly balanced. The fruit is lusty and pepper tinged with deliciously smooth, intense red and black fruit flavors of cherries, raspberries and blackberries. This juicy, medium bodied wine shows off bright acids and soft tannins for an exhilarating and significant finish.

Crema Fina Original 

13.9% Alcohol by Volume. Preserving Genuine Home Made Recipe Style
Made with 100% Pure Fresh Natural Dairy Cream. Original Specialty Orange Wine Recipe. 100% Natural Spices and Flavors. No Preservatives Sweetened with 100% Pure Cane Sugar. Does not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup
Complete Homogenization. Guaranteed 12 months of Shelf Life and Stability