Wine Tasting Friday June 10

Wine Tasting Friday June 20

Gerard Bertrand Picpoul
This wine, crafted 100% from the Picpoul grape variety, comes in a yellow color with shimmering flashes. The intense, complex nose reveals notes of white fruit, citrus fruit, honey and white flowers. Full-bodied and lively on the palate, it offers a remarkable crisp freshness. To reduce the risks of oxidation, the grapes are picked at a time when the temperatures are coolest, either during the night or very early in the morning, and are brought into the cellars as quickly as possible where they are immediately pressed in a pneumatic press. The musts are then left to ferment at low temperature (16 to 18°) to preserve a maximum amount of their aromas. This wine pairs well with shellfish and fried fish.

The Mamamango recipe is a balanced mix of moscato wine mango puree Double pleasure, unique taste, the new fruit drink with a quality that is all Italian. Arione’s sparkling aromatic Moscato paired with nature mango puree for a unique and incomparable taste. Mamamango is the new fruit drink, ideal for sparkling aperitifs, or to accompany fruit and dessert.