Thirsty Thursday 4-7

Stop by for Thirsty Thursday. We have 3 beers we will be tasting. We’ve got ya covered!

Old Hickory Hefe-Weizen
A Bavarian style wheat ale with hints of banana, bubblegum, coriander and clover. Our Hef-Weizen is brewed with a special strain of yeast from the Weihenstephaner brewer in Germany, dating back to 1040AD. Sometime served with a lemon slice, and that’s ok.

801 Pilsner
Light- bodied and refreshing, this quaffable Pilsner is crisp with a smooth body and a clean hop profile

Old Hickory Death By Hops
An amazing aroma of ripe juicy fruit mixed in with a bouquet of spring flowers, DBH was brewed to a level of bitterness of 108 IBU’s and leaves a lingering bitterness, it s after all, a double IPA.