Wine Down Wednesday My Book Club August 31, 4-7

Girofle’ Vinho Verde
This wine reflects the passion we have for the wines of Portugal, the tradition, the Atlantic Ocean, the fish the seafood and enjoying wine with friends. Grapes are from Loureiro variety, fermented with modern winemaking to obtain a crispy, and fruity vinho verde, full of character, with floral and laurel hints.

Sainte Victoire Cotes De Provence
This wine is bright, dry, crisp and fruity and may be enjoyed on its own or paired with shellfish, fish, salads, ham and goat cheese.

Delta Landing Zinfandel
An extensive system of estuaries where water flows throughout the coast range connecting a series of waterways and wetlands. This isolated and exotic confluence of rivers promotes one of the most unique and fertile agricultural areas in the world. Warm breezy summers coupled with sharp foggy winters creates enticing varietals that will enchant your palate.