Wine Tasting 4-7

LaPlaya Chardonnay
A rich gold hay color. On the nose, aromas of peach and apricot. It is a crisp refreshing wine with lots of bright green apple. The 2015 harvest will be known for the intense highs and lows of March. The vines produced completely rips fruit with amazing acidity due to the warmer harvest. Overall the white wines, are very fruit forward and expressive. The Colchagua Valley has been called “The Next Napa.” As the modern Chilean wine industry has matured, and come to rely ever more on scientific methods for drawing the best from its exceptional soils and microclimates, it has become apparent that the Colchagua Valley offers exceptional advantages for growers and producers alike. It enjoys a balmy, Mediterranean climate matched in only a few other places on earth. With no smog, the air is exceptionally clear, and the region is noted for its abundant and extraordinarily luminous sunshine. The average annual rainfall, which occurs mostly in the winter months of May to August, is about 24 inches. Humidity is low, and frost is unknown. Also vital for great grapes, of course, are good soil and water. The deep sedimentary soil of the Colchagua Valley contains a mixture of fine-textured loam clay and loam silt, bordered by medium-textured volcanic soil in the foothills. Melting snow feeds the Tinguiririca River, which rises at the foot of the volcano and carries pure water to the valley below. Grapes that mature slowly can develop their varietal character to the fullest, yielding wines bursting with fruit — a characteristic that has earned the Colchagua Valley an honored place on the world’s wine map.

Hyatt Vineyards Merlot
The 2012 harvest was reduced by freeze damage from 2010 and the light crop and good weather produced excellent quality grapes. The 2012 wines reflect that, with excellent color, mouthfeel, distinctive dark fruit aromas and balanced tannin structure. This Merlot pairs well with pasta, barbeque and cheeses. The 2012 growing season was very good, with good temperatures during the height of the growing season, a long fall with cool nights, and no danger of frost during harvest. Merlot is an early ripening frape and, with the excellent weather, was the first red grape picked. The wine is a blend from three different Merlot blocks, including fruit from their twenty year old Hyatt Merlot block.The wine has a fruit driven palate with red hints of cherries in the finish, good balance and smooth tannin structure.