Thirsty Thursday 4-6 pm

Dark Cloud Munich-Style Dunkel Lager
Steeped in a long history dating back hundreds of years, this “old-fashioned” beer is in vogue. Lager is the German word meaning “to store” so this beer ages three times longer than ales do. “Dunkel” means darn in German, but don’t let the color fool you, it is by no means heavy, overbearing or bitter. In fact, it proves to be a very drinkable session beer.

Viking Sour
A raiding party to your senses, this Viking beer is meant to be enjoyed unapologetically. Sweet, floral and exploding with sour flavor, this ancient ale was created by the Vikings, claimed by the Scott’s, lost to time and given rebirth by our brewers to share amongst the enlightened.

Finchs Sobek & Set Black IPA
This beer is dark with mahogany/burgundy highlights achieved by using generous amounts of Briess Midnight Wheat, as well as earthy and citrus hops.