Friday Evening Wine Tasting

Join us for our Friday Evening Wine Tasting featuring a South African White Blend and a California Pinot Noir

The Curator
All the wines begin with whole bunches. The white grapes are transferred directly into old casks or concrete tanks for fermentation and aging. Minimal sulfur is added before and after fermentation, otherwise, no other stabilizers or chemicals of any kind are used. The grapes were sorted in the vineyard and placed in refrigerated containers to rest overnight. The whole bunches were fermented naturally in concrete or wood tanks – the grapes were trodden by foot and minimal sulfur was added. Once fermentation began, the must was punched down twice per day and then left on its skins for six months before pressing. The wine was pressed aged for 16 months, during which time the wine was topped regularly but not racked until the final blends are complete.

Lander Jenkins Pinot Noir
Primary tasting notes include classically-pinot cherry and tea leaf, though there’s a bit of brown sugar sweetness, almost molasses-like at times, that tends to linger on the finish. All told, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s a wine that fights above its weight by showing more balance than you might expect — and which will probably blend in well enough on your holiday table.