Mardi Gras January 19, 4-6pm

We’ll be tasting a Sauvignon Blanc and a Shiraz with our Gumbo.

Undurraga Sauvignon Blanc $13.99/bottle $4.68/glass

This wine was made with selected Sauvignon Blanc grapes sustainably sourced from cool-climate vineyards in Chilie’s Central Valley.  It was botted young in order to maintain its distinctive freshness.  It has a pale color with green overtones.  On the nose it delivers ripe citrus aroma and the palate is dry and crisp with zesty fruit.  It is perfect as an aperitif or with salads, fish and seafood.

Man Shiraz $13.99/bottle $4.68/glass

MAN wines are distinctive, modern-style wines with a touch of Old World elegance. We call them” daily wines for wine geeks.” We’re focused on producing a range of varietal wines sourced from one fantastic region (the Agter-Paarl area) that offer “bang for your buck!”  A real mouth-filling wine, the spicy and floral savory aromas are balanced by ripe fruit flavors and fine tannins on the palate. The Agter-Paarl region is known for its characteristic “winegum” character – a very pure “grapey” fruit expression. We co-ferment some batches with a small portion of Viognier grapes to lift the aromatics and soften the tannins. 20% of the wine matures in small oak barrels for that hint of vanilla spice on the nose and to give extra encouragement to silky tannins. All in all, we like to think we’ve made a really great wine – and it helps to know that so many other people think so too. Pairing: Great with bold meat dishes, strong cheese and any other dish that needs a wine that can stand up to it.